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Who are we?

Hungarian Public Road Nonprofit Pte Ltd Co.is responsible for the operation and maintenance of nearly 32 000 km of national roads.

The company was established on the 1st of October, 2005. With regard to its more than 6000 employees and economic indicators, Hungarian Public Road Nonprofit Pte Ltd Co.stays within the first ten state-owned enterprises in Hungary. Road operations are carried out in 19 counties, at 93 maintenance centres, under the supervision of the headquarters in Budapest

Our main mission is to ensure smooth traffic flow for travellers by performing road maintenance activities. Our activities consist of the operation, as well as the routine and preventive maintenance of the national public road network, including expressways and motorways.

Our responsibilities also include road and pavement inspection and repair, shoulder maintenance and the maintenance of unpaved areas belonging to the road network, cutting down trees that are potentially dangerous for road safety, grass cutting, chemical plant protection, maintenance of drainage systems, placement and operation of traffic control devices, painting of road markings as well as snow removal and anti-slip measures during the winter service period.

In addition to that, our Company is responsible for issuing route permits for oversized vehicles, the inspection of trucks at weight control stations, the training of professionals within the entire road sector, as well as the operation of the Traffic Advisory, the National Road Databank and the Road Museum in the town of Kiskőrös.

Besides performing our duties under contract, we are also committed to social responsibility, the education of new generations of road users for environmentally responsible behaviour, as well as to the improvement of traffic ethics and safety. It has been our long-standing tradition to organize waste collection events each year for earth day, involving tens of thousands of participants country-wide.