TN-ITS excellence prize competition

Hungarian Public Roads has applied for the call of the ITS Hungary Excellence Award by developing the TN-ITS service, and has won this May.

In TN-ITS we have tried to share static road information data in a harmonic way. TN-ITS GO is a set of methodologies, processes/solutions that support the implementation of spatial data exchange through the develoment of ITS applications. Hungarian Public Roads joined the initiation in 2018. Previously, the service was developed in 4 countries, which together with us expanded to 6 more countries. We are the first of the new member states to have the standardized data exchange protocol available.

By increasing the number of participating member countries and partners, the TN-ITS service can make a significant contribution to improving cross-country interoperability by developing a harmonized service. The consortium aims to further extend the service based on CEN TS 17268.

Participating partners in addition:
ERTICO- Belgium; TomTom- Netherlands; HERE Technologies- Netherlands; Flemish Department of Mobility and Public Works- Belgium; RWS (Rijkswaterstaat-Ministry of Infrastructure ant the Environment)- Netherlands; Ministry of Transport Communications and Works of Cíprus- Cyprus; Lithuanian Road Administration – Lithuania; IGN (Institut National De L’information Géographique et Forestiere)- France; Swedish Traffic Administration- Sweden; Department for Transport DfT- England; DTTAS Department os Transport, Tourism and Sport – Ireland; European Transport Safety Council-Belgium; The Finnish Transport Agency-Finland; Infraestruturas de Portugal – Portugal; Slovenian Traffic Safety Agency – Slovenia.