ITS activity around Budapest

Hungarian Public Roads pays special attention to make road traffic more harmonic in the capital region. We have been working with Budapest Public Road for a long time on the different phases of the CROCODILE project, which aims to develop the Trans-European Transport Network:
• Traffic Management Plans,
• Display of Arrival Time,
• Automatic Data Exchange Processes,
• National Access Point.

Motorway M0’s section between motorways M1 and M5 is a part of the C4 Orient/East-med and C9 Rhine-Danube Trans-European Transport Network corridors. The section between motorways M7 and M3 is a part of C3 Mediterranean TEN-T corridor. The main function of motorway M0 is to enable bypassing the capital and to connect the radial highways.

These made necessary the creation of a comprehensive Traffic Management Plan, especially because Budapest Public Road is interested in using the M0 to distribute the traffic, and both operators are interested in creating Traffic Management Plans across borders.
Keeping innovation and service attitude in mind, treatment of passenger information, traffic management and capacity utilization management as a service is important for us. The needs and expectations ofpassengers for efficient information and traffic management prompts us to use digital technologies and Intelligent Transportation Systems. These developments undoubtedly contribute to the improvement of the safety of road traffic in direct and indirect ways.

In the second phase of the CROCODILE project we make an Arrival Time Display system in the region of Budapest. We can share punctual measurements with road users in real-time. We completed the Arrival Time Display system to match the development of Budapest Public Road with Bluetooth technology of the current system on south sector of M0 and on several road sections near Budapest.

We have made significant steps to improve the automatic data exchange processes. As our country handles high volumes of through traffic, it is important that the developed systems must be able to cooperate with each other. Traffic information can be shared in a standardized format via the National Access Point.
Thus it is important and necessary to continue the cooperation and achieve a level of technology that can satisfy the needs of the transportation system users. It is also important to develop the missing equipment, the infrastructure and the functions for the implementation of the traffic management measures.