Hungary is leading in self-driving activity

Hungary has been adapted to the prestigious 21st place on the KPMG Autonomous Vehicles Readiness Index, placing our country is between China and Russia. The summary highlights that Hungary, like Singapore, has designated an organization to coordinate self-driving cars. This helps each stakeholder to find out what their role is (eg. road administration processes).

The ZalaZone autonomous test track, the BMW development centre in Debrecen, the AImotive in Budapest and the R&D activity of many other global companies, suppliers, universities and technological companies has played a huge role in achieving this prestigious place.
However, KPMG’s national profile for Hungary does not mention that Hungary was one of the first to allow road tests of self-driving cars and the fact that since 2015, a unique 136 km long expressway (M1 motorway) has been equipped with around 47 fixed and mobile C-ITS stations for road work vehicles, providing traffic safety information in dedicated vehicles.