Collaboration with the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at St. István University

Hungarian Public Road Nonprofit Pte Ltd Co and Szent István University entered a cooperation agreement on a solemn basis.

The agreement was signed by József Attila Szilvai (CEO),  Dr. László Palkovics (Rector) and Dr. László Kátai (Dean) on the 11th of January 2019 at the Graduation Ceremony.

The signatories of the document intend to increase the quality of engineering training by combining the academic knowledge of Szent István University and the professional experience of our company.

This collaboration covers many areas of education and engineering / foreman recruitment, including the jointly announced Public Road Scholarship. Szent István University is an important partner of our company, as also a prominent centre of domestic mechanical engineering training.

The purpose of the collaboration:

  • Interconnecting theoretical and practical knowledge.
  • Organizing joint educational and research programs, establishing internship positions.
  • Our company provides professional consultations as well as supervision of diploma theses.
  • Collaboration in joint TDK theses, joint researches, joint research and development applications.
  • Our company experts share their professional experiences with the students during guest lectures.
  • Mechanical engineer students have the opportunity to take part in our scholarship program– and later join us full-time.
  • The University monitors the needs of our Company’s labour market and assists in selecting the most suitable students.

After the signing, Attila József Szilvai (CEO) talked about the importance of sharing our practical professional knowledge and experience, these being the most important tools for improving engineering education.

Practice-oriented education and providing the necessary resources are essential parts of an advanced technical education. Hungarian Public Road Nonprofit Pte Ltd Co provides professional assistance in this, and in return, this collaboration ensures the supply for a highly trained workforce powered by the students discovered and selected in the process.

The signatories have assured each other that the framework established by the cooperation will be filled with valuable content by both parties in the future.

  1. Attila Mezei
    Human Resource Director