On 16 February 2016, Hungarian Public Road Nonprofit Pte Ltd Co.submitted a grant application for the project “CROCODILE 2.0_HU”, aimed at the deployment of Intelligent Transportation Systems. Based on the European Commission’s decision of 8 October 2016, the grant was awarded.

The grant agreement was signed by the European Commission and the Ministry for National Development (which was the superior organization of Hungarian Public Roads) before 18 November 2016. The total eligible cost of the project is 5,935,475. 64 EUR. Our company is entitled to 2,967,737.82 EUR, of which 85% is financed by the Connecting Europe Facility and the remaining 15% (as well as the cost of VAT) is financed from domestic funds. The grant contract between the Ministry of National Development and the beneficiary organizations (Hungarian Public Road Nonprofit Pte Ltd Co.and Budapest Közút Zrt) was concluded on 18, September 2017.

The Government Resolution 1821/2018. (XII. 27.) provided for increasing the financial support of the project and modifying the deadline for implementation.

The project item “Preparatory works of the National Access Point” (including technical preparation, requirement specifications and proposals for Hungarian legislative amendments) has been completed, thus the development of the National Access Point could begin. The public procurement procedure “CROCODILE 2 Purchase and deployment of electric apparatus” is currently in the implementation phase, works have been completed on 57 sites. A Bluetooth based travel time estimation system is currently being developed in the Budapest metropolitan area. Thanks to the additional funds allocated by the government, additional 18 sites can be covered by the works.

The project focuses on data collection and automated data exchange, aimed at real-time travel information provision. Field data collection devices (automated on-line sensors, traffic monitoring and automatic incident detection cameras, web cameras) and traffic control devices are being deployed on 70 sites, an intelligent truck parking system is being extended on the TEN-T core network (approx. in every 100 Km). Besides the establishment of the National Access Point, the DATEX node is being updated too. The project will be completed on 31 December 2019.